Theological Conference

July 30 - August 2, 2020










Dear friends,

After much prayer, deliberation and counsel, it seems wisest to hold this year’s Conference online only.

That means we will not meet at the Calvin Center this year, but we will stream the presentations from the speakers' homes FREE on channel.

There is no registration required to view online but donations are welcome, click here.

We look forward to next year again being able to fellowship together in person.

Anthony and team

Schedule 2020

PLEASE NOTE: All times are US Eastern Standard Times (EST).

Thursday, July 30

7.30 pm Dan Gill: Saved by Whose Works?

Friday, July 31

9.30 am Sean Finnegan: Why I No Longer Use the King James Version

10.40 am Bill Schlegel: "Jesus Christ is not a human person” (the anhypostasis of Jesus Christ).

1.30 pm Kenneth LaPrade: New Covenant Identity Markers and Empathetic Apologetics

2:40 pm Robin Todd: Honor the Creator, Believe the Gospel

3.50 pm Faith stories

7.30 pm Carlos Xavier: A Brief History of Spiritual Gifts

Saturday, August 1

9.30 am Dale Tuggy: The Stages of Trinitarian Commitment

10.40 am Tracy Zhykhovich: Living and Holy Sacrifices: Body and Mind

1.30 pm Joe Martin: MIND THE GAP! Jesus the Christ or Jesus the God?

2.40 pm Faith stories

7.30 pm Anthony Buzzard: Will You Accept Jesus?

Sunday, August 2

10:30 am Pastor Dennis Baldwin: Seed Sown Among Thorns