A sincere word of thanks

We are so encouraged and grateful for the very considerable efforts you all made to travel to Atlanta for the remarkable recent conference, the 28th.

The faith stories and talks were outstanding: in fact they took us to a new high level in terms of their impact.

The obvious passion for truth (needed for salvation, Paul said in 2Thess. 2.10) was so exciting and inspiring for us all. Remember that all this was recorded and can be viewed again and above all shared with friends, now and in the future:


Members of the Church of God General Conference would also benefit I think from experiencing the real love of truth evident in the words of the speakers. The presentations amounted to an important part of the Great Commission. They can have a profound effect on all who hear them. Do come again, please and bring your friends!

If you want to make suggestions and observations for how we might do things differently, do let us know too.

Anthony F. Buzzard


"I wanted to thank you and the many others who did all the planning and hard work to hold the conference. As we got in the car to leave yesterday I told my wife that I had never been in the presence of so much zeal for the truth or active pursuit of it in all my life. She agreed completely. We both are desiring that it will be acceptable in God's will that we can attend again next year."

"I want to thank you for all that you and the others did to make the conference so incredible. It was such a life-altering experience to fellowship with like-minded believers, hear wonderful faith stories and be filled with so much wonderful teaching from God's Word. I have been hungering for this event for some time and I'm so thankful that I was able to be there."

"As always I loved the meeting in Atlanta. I plan to return every year or until Jesus comes with his Father's Kingdom, whichever comes first!"