Theological Conference

April 2-5, 2020









We want to express our sincere gratitude

To all of you who took the time and trouble to travel to Georgia for what was, I think, perhaps the most intense of all our 28 Theological Conferences.

It is impressive to find so many who have suffered at the hands of various theological systems now trying to work out the simplicity of biblical truth. You were an inspiration to all of us, and do please come again!

Equally important, by all means please keep in touch with us at least occasionally during the year.

The sessions were streamed and recorded thanks to the continued skills of Sharon Gill and Carlos Xavier.

I did not get to make clear my main point, which is that popular evangelicalism, and unconsidered churchgoing in general, seems deliberately to deny that Jesus was a preacher of the saving Gospel of the Kingdom of God: Luke 4:43, Acts 8:12, and 1 Timothy 6:3 continue to provide stimulating conversation points when helping your friends to break loose from the mindlessness that church can so easily be.

Thanks for continuing to read the Focus on the Kingdom magazine, which is online at and mailed to you in hard copy if you like.

We are convinced that the Great Commission in Matt. 28, including the clear non-negotiable command for water baptism, remains our task. That basic Christianity should be contended for relentlessly.


"I had a very special time at the conference once more this year. It was wonderful to keep up so many friendships, and hear a variety of speakers and reap the benefits of their preparation."

"I am so grateful for your hosting of this conference. It is the highlight of my spiritual year. It gives me an opportunity to be surrounded with thoughtful, principled believers. And I’m always challenged and grown from the process."

"The conference was a very great blessing to me- the presentations were informative and thought-provoking, and the opportunity to fellowship and worship with like minded brothers and sisters in Christ was absolutely wonderful. To get to meet so many of the people who have been such a great help to me in coming to a biblical understanding of a truly human Jesus, was also a great highlight for me."