We urge everyone to join us in beautiful Georgia every spring for our annual Theological Conference. Do not be alarmed at that particular title. This is a gathering of fellow biblical unitarian and Gospel of the Kingdom believers, many of whom will not before have encountered each other face to face.

These are Christians of the "radical reformation" belief system. Your presence there, and your personal faith story, have provided the highlights of this event for more than 20 years. You will bless others immensely by your presence at this conference. There will be more formal presentations to instruct and encourage.

We hope that each conference will bring a number of new people together (as well as the seasoned ones we all enjoy seeing!). Do bless us with your presence and share your excitement for the great saving Truths of the One God, the human Messiah and the Gospel of the Kingdom (Acts 8.12; 1 Tim 2.5). Meetings like these enable us all to take part in the Great Commission which is our joint Christian task, prior to the return of Messiah to rule in his Kingdom on a renewed earth (Mat 28.19; Acts 17.31; Rev 5.10).

Do not underestimate the important contribution you make personally by being with us annually.

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