2021 Presenters

Dennis Baldwin

Biography: For 30 years he pastored at Grace Fellowship Church of God in Front Royal, Virginia and also pastor in Illinois, North Carolina. Dennis was mentored by Pastor Z. B. Duncan in Lenoir, North Carolina and by the Church of the Resurrection Hope elders and leaders. He is licensed and ordained by his home church in North Carolina, by the Southeast Conference of the Churches of God and by the Church of God General Conference.

Sunday sermon: TBA

Anthony Buzzard

Biography: Born in Surrey, England; educated at Oxford University and Bethany Theological Seminary. MA in theology and modern languages. Part-time staff of Atlanta Bible College. Anthony continues to write, teach and travel, fulfilling a life-long desire to make the best of Bible scholarship available to the wider churchgoing public. Served as co-editor of A Journal from the Radical Reformation. Married to Barbara with three daughters.

Title: TBA Anthony Buzzard

J.Dan Gill

Biography: J. Dan Gill is editor-in-chief at 21st Century Reformation and author of The One: In Defense of God. J. Dan is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. He has done course work in biblical languages at Vanderbilt Divinity School and Belmont University. Much of his academic work has been in the field of church history.

Kenneth LaPrade

Biography: Ken holds a B.A. in Religions from Southern Methodist Univ. (S.M.U.) 1975. He has been a Bible student since 1972 in several U.S. locations, Spain, and Mexico. He has worked as a Language Arts school teacher, specializing in helping kids with behavioral issues for 35 years. He's married to Luz del Carmen. They have been blessed to raise 3 sons while working as teachers and pastors of home churches on both sides of the border, in Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

Joe Martin

Biography: As of January 7, 2017 Joe is retired as President and Executive Director of COGGC. He's still teaching through Zoom, distance learning, at Atlanta Bible College. Joe and Rebekah moved to Arizona to be near family. He received his doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary, and one of his masters is from Fuller Theological Seminary. He recently published on Amazon, a short book, Simply God, YHWH 6,828. He still teaches and preaches at different times.

Aleksandar Vuksanovic

Biography: He is Married with two beautiful kids and is the founder of (german) & (serbian). He lives in Basle-Switzerland and currently works as a project manager for a Telecom Company. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering, Economics and Theology.

Tracy Zhykovich

Biography: Tracy is a career missionary who served in Russia for nearly 20 years. She continues to serve alongside many scattered brethren and helps to encourage and strengthen them. Her website engages in internet evangelism and connects believers around the world. She's president of the MN Missionary Society and runs an equine ministry/business ( She lives in Oak Park, MN with her husband and 3 children.



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